Home Rewires & Bathrooms – Your Edinburgh Electricians Guide

Home Rewires & Bathrooms – Your Edinburgh Electricians Guide

There is a common school of thinking within the property world that kitchens and indeed bathrooms sell houses. As well as being the most practical rooms in your Edinburgh property, the trend for the aesthetic to match the practicality is ever increasing. There are many reasons you may look to upgrade the bathroom spaces you have within your Edinburgh home but any work undertaken is an investment into your property’s future value. As electricity and water are a dangerous combination, it is imperative that you work with a trusted Edinburgh electrician team from the outset when looking at upgrading any electrical elements in existing bathroom space.

There are many electrical options to consider when looking at rewiring or upgrading your existing bathroom. From intelligent showers that can be programmed to switch on at your preferred temperature to LED mirrors, sensory lighting and a whole range of smart tech, the possibilities are endless. It is always the safest option to use at NICEIC registered Edinburgh electrician when embarking on any aspect of home rewiring or electrical upgrades in your bathroom zone. Your trusted Edinburgh electrician can advise you, but it is so important that you source any electrical appliances destined for your bathroom from reliable bathroom specialists and ensure that any items you purchase are specifically designed with bathroom use in mind.

When undertaking a full or partial rewire or electrical upgrade of your bathroom, your trusted Edinburgh electrician can advise if any official certification will be required and if they can provide this. As with any system, continued use over time can lead to deterioration and this is of course the same with your home electrical system. Your expert Edinburgh electrician will be able to give you the safest and most thorough advice, however there are some checks you can make yourself at home to try and ascertain whether it’s time to make that call to your Edinburgh electrician sooner rather than later. Things to look out for are circuits continually tripping out, fuses blowing, lights which flicker (even after bulbs changes), issues with your shower in terms of heating supply and any buzzing or unexplained noises (sometimes referred to as arcing). We can’t stress enough how dangerous it could be to try and undertake any bathroom based electrical work yourself. In fact, given the situation of water and electricity being in such close proximity, did you know that the chances of an electrical shock occurring in the bathroom are higher than almost any other house in your Edinburgh home? 

Our team here at DC Electrical is made up exclusively of expert Edinburgh electricians and are fully trained, certified and accredited to deliver first class home rewire and electrical installation work across the Edinburgh region and beyond. Why not get in touch today for a no obligation quote and let us be part of your next home rewire or bathroom renovation project.


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