SMART technology fully integrated into your home or business

SMART technology fully integrated into your home or business

What is SMART technology? It actually stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology. Sounds complicated. It basically means technology that keeps an eye on things and works automatically. An old school thermostat is the simplest and most common use of SMART technology in the home. It keeps an eye on the temperature and adjusts accordingly. Nowadays lots of people have upgraded to a more high tech Nest meter system that allows more control. It’s similar with your electrical systems.

Whether you are looking to have control over your lighting systems from your phone, or save on energy costs and up your green credentials with a personalised heating schedule, we have got you covered. We will come to your property and design a system that can be controlled from your phone or other connected devices, such as tablets and iPads.

  • Smart lighting controls
  • Smart heating system
  • Smart heating controls
  • Smart appliance set-up
  • Switch control
  • Security system control

Automated systems can mean you save money and have more control over the technology in your home. Automations can be set up, but you also have the freedom to override these manually if you want. For example, you could set your blinds to rise at 7am every weekday morning, but maybe one day you don’t have work and fancy a lie in? You can change this setting easily with a SMART home system. Sounds fancy and high tech, but you’d be surprised how simple it can be, and how many people are already integrating SMART technologies into their homes and businesses.

The team at DC Electrical is ready to help you enjoy the latest in automated and SMART technology to make your daily life easier and more convenient. Get in touch to have a chat and we can provide you with a free, no-strings-attached quote.

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