Solar Panel Installation Experts Across the Edinburgh Region

Solar Panel Installation Experts Across the Edinburgh Region

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your energy bills but did you know that they also add value to the price of your property too.  Want to find out more? Look no further than Edinburgh’s number one home rewire & solar panel installation team here at DC Electrical Edinburgh.

Residential solar panels are installed externally onto a property which then capture light from the sun and in turn convert this into electricity which you can then use to power your Edinburgh home. Being able to generate your own energy source sounds fantastic but knowing how solar panels enable you to do this will help when you are deciding if they are the right choice for your Edinburgh property.

A residential grade solar panel is typically made up of a series of cell layers crafted from silicon or a similar material that has conduction capabilities. Once the solar panel is exposed to sunlight then an electrical flow begins to happen. Full sunlight isn’t needed for solar panels to work and they do work on cloudy days however the stronger the light exposure the better (and the more electricity is generated).

Our team here at DC Electrical Edinburgh primarily install solar panel systems comprising of 10 residential grade panels. Each panel will then in turn generate approximately 355w (with exposure to strong sunlight). The energy that is generated from your solar panel system is DC or direct current electricity. Household appliances mainly use alternating current (AC) electricity so along with solar panel installation we can also look to install an inverter which will convert the electricity into a suitable power source for use in your Edinburgh home.

What about planning permission? Many residential solar panel systems do in fact fall outside the requirement for planning permission using the permitted development regulations however checking with your local planning department (especially if you live in a conservation area) is advised.  With planning permission ticked off the list, you will be required to register your home solar panel system with a Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Your chosen network operator will be the company who supplies the energy your panels generate back to you as usable electricity. A member of our expert Edinburgh electrician team can register your system with your chosen DNO for you as part of solar panel installation service – all this comes as standard as part of our platinum solar installation service along with DC Electrical Edinburgh peace of mind guarantee.

Think you are ready to take the next step or would simply like to find out more? We are proud to be Edinburgh’s number one home rewire and solar panel installation firm and would love to be part of your next electrical project. For a free, no obligation quote, some friendly advice or a free visual survey with budgeted solution just click here and get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you!

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