Thinking of adding solar panels to your Edinburgh home in 2024?

Thinking of adding solar panels to your Edinburgh home in 2024?

Are you thinking of adding solar panels to your Edinburgh home in 2024? Look no further than our friendly team of expert Edinburgh electricians here at DC Electrical. Our skilled electrician team can help guide you through all the relevant regulations, provide costs, a detailed time scale report and advise you should you have any questions before your home solar panel installation project begins.

Before you embark on your home solar panel journey, one of our electrician team here at DC Electrical Edinburgh will conduct a feasibility survey of your home to ascertain what will best suit your property and also identify any issues which need addressing. This solar panel survey is an integral step in making sure your chosen system meets the optimum suitability criteria and every box is ticked prior to the project commencing. Shading analysis is another pivotal consideration as this will help work out your Edinburgh property’s suitability and of course the project’s projected costs & timeline. Another thing to consider is whether it would be work considering pigeon proofing your solar panel system. This is something which can be discussed with your Edinburgh electrician prior to the project commencing.

Did you know that solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are designed to stand the test of time and are manufactured to to last for at least 25 years with occasional cleaning when required? The solar panel system’s inverter that converts the DC electricity which your panels produce into AC electricity which is suitable to be used to power your home will last approximately 10 years. You can discuss the options with one of our expert electrician team but it may be worth considering an upgrade and looking at having a solar battery fitted that includes a built in inverter. Another thing to consider and something you can discuss with your Edinburgh electrician is battery storage and looking at other SMART home devices that will help you to use the energy you produce as efficiently as possible.

Home solar panel systems really are a great addition to your Edinburgh property and a sure fire way to reduce energy costs and add value to your property. Once one of our expert Edinburgh electricians has installed your solar panels then you can start reaping the rewards and enjoying the benefits. Reducing your energy bills and producing your own clean energy is just a phone call away so get in touch with our expert Edinburgh electrician team today.

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