EICR Advice for Edinburgh Property Owners

EICR Advice for Edinburgh Property Owners

As Edinburgh’s number one expert electrician team, electrical safety is the foundation of everything we do. However did you know that we not only look after your electrical installations but we also have all your safety testing & certification covered too.

One of the most important documents our Edinburgh electricians provide are EICR certifications. A EICR is essentially a detailed electrical inspection service. This is vital for Edinburgh property owners in terms of home safety, but is especially important when using a property for commercial use or renting it out. An EICR (which stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report) is an absolutely vital part of electrical safety certification and must be carried out at least every 5 years to stay fully compliant with current safety laws. The EICR certification which one of our expert Edinburgh electrician team can provide, will check the supply of your electricity, all the electrical fittings and all the fixed electrical equipment present in your Edinburgh property.

As per the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, landlords, or agents acting on their behalf, are responsible for tenants’ electrical safety. This means that the EICR certification system is a legal requirement in Scotland for private landlords to ensure that their rental properties meet all the standards outlined in the EICR report criteria, An EICR must be completed at the start of any new tenancy and be valid for the duration of the tenancy too. An up to date EICR must be available upon request, to be provided to local authorities, tenants and managing agents, should they request to see one. It is therefore imperative that your EICR documentation is in place and up to date.

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We are NICEIC registered contractors which means all our work is fully certified to ensure the highest standard of electrical safety. When a member of our expert electrician team attends your property one of our friendly electricians will complete checks on installations regarding the supply of electricity, fixed electrical equipment (including storage heaters, hard wire smoke detectors and boilers) and electrical fittings (including socket, light fittings and switches).

After all the necessary checks have taken place your Edinburgh electrician will be able produce an EICIR document. This EICIR will use varying classifications in order to highlight any issues which need further attention. For instance finding a code C1 referenced in your EICR indicates ‘danger present’, code C2 indicates ‘potential danger’ and finally code FI means ‘further investigation required’. Any work that is required as a result of the electricians inspection will then be marked and recorded on a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate.  

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, landlord or contractor we can provide a full EICR inspection and documentation service. To minimise disruption and ensure a quick & efficient job,  we can carry out any necessary repair work while we’re there on site should that be the best option for you. Our fully certified service can also provide reports on existing electrical installations. As Edinburgh’s number one expert electrician team you couldn’t be in safer hands and we have got you covered for all aspects of electrical safety, installation & certification. As an Edinburgh homeowner, landlord or property owner, that’s our DC Electrical peace of mind guarantee to you. For more details on how we can help with your next project visit our website or get in touch today.

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