Your Edinburgh electrician rewire guide

Your Edinburgh electrician rewire guide

When looking at taking on any rewire or renovation project at your Edinburgh property, one of the foundations of the project will be your electrical installation. This may come either in the form of a partial rewire or full rewire and completely new electrical system. It is essential you work with your Edinburgh electrician from the outset when planning your room layouts and work schedule to ensure the project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

As rewires can be disruptive it is a good idea to plan for any rewire work to be completed by your Edinburgh electrician at the same time as any additional renovation work. This will help to keep disruption to a minimum and will also work out more cost effective in the long run.  

Opting for a full rewire of your Edinburgh property will bring the electrical installation in your home up-to-date with the latest wiring regulations and will also give you the opportunity to future proof it for life going forward. A rewire completed by one of our friendly Edinburgh electrician team will give you the chance to modernise your home with the addition of a new consumer unit containing safety devices, such as residual current devices (RCDs) and circuit breakers. A rewire is also a great opportunity to look at adding any additional sockets you require (including USB sockets for easier charging access) and the most up to-date, modern and safe wiring available.

A full rewire may not always be required and you may instead be able to opt for a partial rewire of your Edinburgh property. One of our friendly, expert Edinburgh electricians will be able to advise upon your initial project inspection but if your existing cabling is sound and able to carry any additional loads then a partial rewire may be possible.

It is worth noting that should your Edinburgh electrician complete a full rewire of your home you will need to notify your local building control department of this. The easiest and most straightforward way of ensuring that all requirements are met is to use an NICEIC registered contractor. When looking for an Edinburgh electrician to quote on and complete your home rewire it is always advisable to go with an NICEIC registered contractor such as our expert team here at DC Electrical Edinburgh. One of our Edinburgh electricians can self-certify the work and notify the local building control department on your behalf. If you don’t use a registered electrical contractor then you are responsible for informing building control before the work commences. Using an NICEIC contractor is essentially using an Edinburgh electrician with a badge of excellence (such as ourselves!). 

All electrical contractors registered with NICEIC are assessed on a regular basis to ensure high standards and their work is checked against the Wiring Regulations as well as other standards to make sure your work is completed to the gold standard of industry excellence and best practice.

As Edinburgh’s rewiring experts, our friendly electrician team are fully qualified & trained in all aspects of rewires to ensure that completing your rewire is a positive, hassle free and efficient experience.

For more information on our services please get in touch today and let us be part of your next rewire project.

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