Electrical Home Rewiring – Your Bathroom Guide

Electrical Home Rewiring – Your Bathroom Guide

If you are looking at renovating or adding a bedroom to your existing Edinburgh property, you may also be looking at adding an ensuite bathroom or upgrading your current suite. Whilst you know that a plumber will be essential to this project, you will also need the expertise of your local Edinburgh electrician to ensure that your home’s bathroom rewire project is both safe and compliant with all safety measures that are currently in place.

You now know that you need an electrician for the project, but what next? Due to the risk that arises around water and electricity as a combination, it can possibly be one of the most dangerous areas in your house to work in. It is for this reason that a fully certified Edinburgh electrician is essential. It is especially important that an Edinburgh electrician is involved in your home’s bathroom rewire if you are looking at installing new lighting, a new heating system or a new shower. By getting in contact with one of our friendly Edinburgh electrician team, we can advise you regarding all the necessary steps and ensure that the work completed is carried out to the highest professional standards and of course meeting all safety requirements too.

As fully qualified and certified NICEIC Edinburgh based electricians, we can self certify all home rewire and indeed all electrical work we undertake and also notify the local building department (in keeping with their requirements), should you require us to do so.If you notice that there is damage to any sockets, your shower or heating system then we would recommend you get in touch. By contacting us, we can dispatch a fully qualified and certified NICEIC approved electrician to your Edinburgh home in order to carry out an electrical inspection.

An electrical inspection is similar to an MOT for your home. We can attend your property and one of our expert Edinburgh electricians can complete an inspection of the current condition of the electrical installations in your Edinburgh home. Once the inspection is complete, you will then receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report which is more commonly known as an EICR. This report will highlight and detail any defects, damage, deterioration, damage or dangerous conditions that need an Edinburgh electrician’s attention. In short, anything not in line with the current safety standards (which might give rise to danger) will be identified and a solution presented to you, the homeowner.

There are no current regulations in place regarding how often an electrical inspection should be carried out. However, NICEIC recommends that an EICR is carried out approximately every 10 years in a privately owned property. Rental properties are slightly different and are subject to slightly different regulations and may need carrying out every 5 years.

By choosing DC Electrical Edinburgh, you are choosing an NICEIC registered electrical contractor. This really is the best way to ensure a safe job, executed to the highest of standards. All our Edinburgh electricians are registered with NICEIC and are assessed on a regular basis.  We strive to ensure that all our work is completed to the high standards as your safety is our priority. That is our peace of mind guarantee to you!

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