Electrical Testing – Advice from your expert Edinburgh Electrician Team

Electrical Testing – Advice from your expert Edinburgh Electrician Team

As Edinburgh’s number one electrician team, your property’s electrical safety is our priority. There are a number of tests your friendly Edinburgh electrician team can undertake to check the safety and efficiency of your property’s electrical system. The main electrical testing methods are visual inspection tests and the more in depth EICR (electrical installation condition report) but what is the difference between the two? 

A fully certified Edinburgh electrician can complete a visual inspection test by highlighting any visible indications of defects or deterioration. No circuit testing will happen during this type of testing and your electricity will remain on for the duration of the visual inspection. Once a thorough inspection has taken place, your Edinburgh electrician will then complete a Domestic Visual Inspection Report. This will present all their findings and any recommendations or suggestions they may have in order to ensure optimum electrical safety and efficiency.

A more detailed version of a visual electrical test is called an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This is more commonly referred to as an EICR. An EICR will see your Edinburgh electrician inspecting your electrical system for any defects or damage and highlight any need for immediate work required to secure electrical safety. To ensure the safety of the expert Edinburgh electrician completing the EICR, your electrical supply would need to be turned off during the testing period. This will allow your Edinburgh electrician to investigate safely & thoroughly and identify any potential issues both quickly & efficiently.

The main reason a property would require EICR would be to ensure that its electrical system is safe and future proof for continued use going forward. You may also need an EICR if you are looking to sell your property as they are often requested as part of a house sale. Should you own and live at your Edinburgh property, it is the industry recommendation that an EICR is completed every 10 years. The rules around EICR inspections and rental properties are slightly different. These require more frequent EICR checks to ensure tenants renting the property are kept safe. EICR checks are required every 5 years should you be a tenant living in rented accommodation. This is handy to know if you are a landlord too as an EICR will be required every 5 years as previously mentioned or with each change of tenancy.

Electrical testing is fundamental to helping to ensure your home’s safety. It is always recommended that you use a registered and reputable Edinburgh electrician such as the professional & friendly team here at DC Electrical Edinburgh. As Edinburgh’s number one electrician team we would be only too happy to help with all aspects of electrical work, from home rewires to electrical testing we’ve got you covered! 



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