Your Edinburgh Electrician’s Guide to Electrical Checks

Your Edinburgh Electrician’s Guide to Electrical Checks

With the Edinburgh property market so buoyant & competitive you may be considering a part or partial renovation scheme in order to achieve your dream home or you may be looking at investing further in your existing Edinburgh property.

When taking on a renovation project you may be faced with the potential of having to embark on a full or partial home rewire. Knowing where you stand and what is required in terms of the electrical work involved in the project will be invaluable. That’s where your trusted Edinburgh electrician team here at DC Electrical will be only too happy to help.

As electrical installations are made up of separate components, it is only to be expected that a system’s elements may deteriorate over time & also suffer from general wear and tear.  Think of an electrical test like an MOT for your property, it is really important to get the condition of your home electrical’s checked at regular intervals by a certified Edinburgh electrician in order to ensure efficiency and more importantly safety. 

There are two main electrical checks and certifications that can be undertaken to make sure everything is as it should be with your main electrical system and both should always be done by a certified & registered Edinburgh electrician. The first test your Edinburgh electrician can complete is known as a Domestic Visual Condition Report. Here your expert Edinburgh electrician would visit your property and complete a thorough check to try and identify any visible signs of deterioration or damage. Your Edinburgh electrician would not test any circuits at this stage so your electricity supply would remain on and usable during their inspection visit.

The second electrical check that your Edinburgh electrician may carry out involves the inspection & delivery of an electrical installation condition report also known as a EICR. An EICR report of your Edinburgh property will help highlight any issues with your electrical system which may prove dangerous along with any damage, wear and tear or defects which may require repair or replacements,

An EICR is more detailed than a Domestic Visual Condition Report and will require your Edinburgh electrician to turn off your mains electricity supply in order for them to safely test your circuits. The testing of your circuits allows your Edinburgh electrician to check for & identify any hidden issues which couldn’t be pinpointed during a Domestic Visual Condition Report.

If you are looking at purchasing a property, it is advisable to ask the owner if they have a current EICR or any other electrical certificates which may be relevant. If they do not have an EICR available you can request for one to be carried out by your trusted Edinburgh electrician and agree via your agent how this will be paid for.

Should you require any form of electrical testing or certification please drop us a line and get in touch today.  Along with home rewires, circuit board testing and all aspects of electrical work, we are also experts in electrical testing and certification across the Edinburgh region and you can be rest assured that your property is in the safest of hands with our friendly & reliable team of expert Edinburgh electricians – that’s our DC Electrical Edinburgh peace of mind guarantee.

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