Plan your rewire & what to expect

Plan your rewire & what to expect

Safe and efficiently functioning electrics are so important to your home’s safety, did you know that many elements are covered under building regulations requirements especially if you choose to rewire or make additions or significant alterations to your current system. As Edinburgh’s rewiring experts we are here to guide you through the process and ensure you have a first class electrical system operating in  your home.

If you are looking at purchasing a property in Edinburgh, North Berwick, Musselburgh or the surrounding areas and the wiring is more than 25 year old we strongly recommend contacting us and we can advise regarding testing and if a rewire looks likely. 

A rewire is an investment into the foundation of your home and should be done properly by an expert team from the outset to avoid any safety or budget issues further down the line. Any rewire completed by us here at DC Electrical will come with our fixed price guarantee and will not change (unless any major changes are made with your approval on the day of installation).

Once we have travelled to your location from our Edinburgh HQ and completed your project inspection then we can set the wheels in motion to start your rewire project. Rewiring your Edinburgh home can be disruptive and preparation really is key. With that in mind it’s worth knowing that your job will be completed in two key project stages. Stage one (or the first fix if you like) will see all the areas prepared & wiring & cables installed ready for the second stage of your rewire. With this stage it’s likely our team will need to get under floorboards & into walls so if a room can be stripped back (preferably with no carpets if possible and furniture) then we always advise it .

The second stage will see sockets & switches fitted and the system going live. Before we commence with stage one we would recommend creating a room plan for each area involved in the rewire. If you can plan from the outset where you require lights, plug points etc this will help ensure the project keeps running as smoothly as possibly. Don’t forget about smoke and heat detectors, security lights, built in charger stations & all those little added extras which you may be considering adding to your Edinburgh home. Part of our DC Electrical rewire service includes a daily update on your job so you will always know at the end of every day where we are on site & how progress is going.

A rewire of your Edinburgh home is an investment and will add value to your property while also providing you with a safe and efficiently functioning home. The cost of your rewire will depend on the size of your property but if you visit our website there you will find a steer on costs based on property size to give you a budget to work within (always useful when planning!). Speaking of budgets we also offer a fantastic rewiring finance service, perfect to make your budget stretch that bit further. Details of how we can help you finance your rewire project can also be found on our website. In the meantime if you do have any questions regarding your rewire project please do get in touch, we are Edinburgh’s rewire experts after all & we’d love to hear from you.

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