Require a home rewire? Our Edinburgh electrician team is here to help

Require a home rewire? Our Edinburgh electrician team is here to help

A safe and efficient electrical system is an essential part of any Edinburgh property. From residential homes to student accommodation, office buildings and more – a stable electrical infrastructure truly is a must. If your Edinburgh property’s electrical system is old or malfunctioning then a full or partial rewire may be on the cards but what exactly does this mean and what can you expect to happen? 

Our team here at DC Electrical are Edinburgh’s home rewire experts and as such you really couldn’t be in safer or more experienced hands. It may be hard to determine if your Edinburgh property may require a rewire but our expert Edinburgh electrician team have all the knowledge you need.

 If your Edinburgh property is older than 25 years then it is definitely time to call your Edinburgh electrician and arrange an electrical check as soon as possible. There are also other signs to look out for which may indicate the need for a rewire, such as lights flickering, your power tripping out and plugs overheating.

Just as every property is unique, every home rewire our expert team undertakes is bespoke in terms of scale and requirements. We work with all of our customers to create a project path but planning and preparation really is key to the success and efficiency of your Edinburgh home rewire. Our expert electrician team is with you every step of the way but it is worth knowing that every home rewire is split into two main stages, commonly known as a first and second fix. The first fix will focus on all hidden cabling work and will involve your Edinburgh electrician having access to the wall cavities where installation will take place. It is therefore essential for this stage to take place before any replastering can happen. As well as cable installation, your first fix will also consist of heating and power circuits, adding cabling for any additions to your electrical system (such as heat detectors or any SMART tech) and the rewiring of any lighting. Once our skilled Edinburgh electrician team have completed the first fix of your home rewire the second fix phase will follow. The stage of your home rewire will take place once any plastering work is completed. The secondary fix phase of all Edinburgh home rewires will consist of wiring up electrical switches and sockets, connecting up heating controls along with extractor fans etc. With everything installed and fully wired up complete with connection to your consumer unit then then your testing can commence. All of our Edinburgh electricians are expertly trained in every aspect of electrical testing so you couldn’t be in safer hands. Once one of our electricians has confirmed all electrical elements are working as safely and efficiently as possible then your home rewire can be signed off and certification can be issued. 

With over 80 years experience of rewiring properties in and around Edinburgh, our commitment to electrical excellence remains second to none. For a first class service from expertly trained Edinburgh electricians, simply get in touch for a complimentary, no obligation home rewire quote and let us be part of your next project.

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