Charging your Electric Vehicle with Solar Panel Energy in Edinburgh

Charging your Electric Vehicle with Solar Panel Energy in Edinburgh

Residential solar panels and electric vehicles are a match made of the greenest credentials but did you know that you can harness the energy that your solar panels generate to charge your electric vehicle?

With electrical vehicle ownership on the rise across Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole, it’s a logical step to speak to your trusted Edinburgh electrician about installing an EV charging unit at your property but what about exploring solar panel installation for your Edinburgh home too? Each separate panel on a residential grade solar panel system will produce on average approximately 350 kilowatts of energy when exposed to strong sunlight. In general, a solar panel system comprises of approximately 8-10 panels and has the capacity to fully charge your electric vehicle. It is, however, worth bearing in mind that this capacity may vary depending on the make and size of your vehicle and the amount of sunlight that your solar panel system has been exposed to at any given time. Driving conditions & seasonal weather changes can really affect the efficiency of your electric vehicles performance so you may need to use main grid electricity to supplement the charge capacity of your electric vehicle. If you can even partially charge your vehicle using power generated via solar panels installed on your Edinburgh property, saving you money and increasing your sustainability – we’d take that as win” 

As Edinburgh’s premier electrician and solar panel installation firm, our team of friendly electricians are fully qualified to help guide you through all aspects of your solar panel installation project. With DC Electrical’s team of expert electricians on your side we can work through your solar panel installation both quickly and efficiently. Questions regarding planning permission are fairly regular when our Edinburgh electrician team first begins discussions with a new solar panel client.  It is worth checking in with your local planning department for clarification as there are some stipulations regarding conservation areas etc but in most cases solar panel installation falls under permitted development regulations and are therefore exempt from planning requirements. Full planning permission is not in most cases a requirement, however you will need to select a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and register our solar panel system with them. The DNO will have the task of bringing the solar energy that you generate into your home as a usable energy. Along with answering any questions regarding planning permission, our expert Edinburgh electrician team can also register your solar panel system with your chosen DNO should you require us to

As Edinburgh’s premier electrician team, we are the region’s number one choice for solar panel installation, home rewires and more. For more information and to start your solar panel project today simply get in touch for a free, no obligation quote and let our friendly team take it from there.

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