The lowdown on LED lighting – from Edinburgh’s No1 electrician team

The lowdown on LED lighting – from Edinburgh’s No1 electrician team

One of the most eco friendly & efficient ways of illuminating your Edinburgh home is definitely with LED lighting. There are many benefits to using LED over slightly older technologies such as halogen or CFL bulbs. As Edinburgh’s expert electrician team we can guide you through where best to use LED lighting in your home or commercial space and how to get the best from the technology.

As our electricians work on homes and commercial jobs for clients across the Edinburgh region, we are seeing more and more the request for information regarding LED lighting and whether it would be a good fit for specific client projects.

LED lighting really has changed the lighting world and as well as looking great it has the added benefit of also being eco friendly too but what is LED technology? LED stands for light-emitting diodes & they are an extra efficient electronic light source. By choosing a DC Electrical electrician to install an LED lighting scheme in your Edinburgh home will not only ensure your home looks great but you will also be saving you money too. LED bulbs use on average up to 90% less energy than an incandescent or halogen bulb of the same brightness and a well built LED (with good thermal management) will last up to 50,000 hours. Once one of our friendly electrician team have completed your installation we estimate you should start saving money on energy usage within a year.

As with all new technology the challenge is sometimes knowing where to start. All our electricians have the most up to date training and we can work with you to ensure that your LED lighting scheme suits your budget and design style. The range we have available to all our customers means you have a huge variety of colours, designs and sizes to choose from too. One of our expert electrician team can take you through our LED design service and we can work out  how to deliver maximum impact for your Edinburgh home. 

Want some more information? For a complimentary, no strings attached quote simply upload a photo of the work you require and we can get back to you with a visual survey & costed solution – please visit the ‘ get a quote section’ of our website for more details.

As an energy saving & smart lighting choice LED’s really are the future and as Edinburgh’s first choice electrical contractors you couldn’t be in better hands. .

From accent kitchen lighting, illuminated bathroom design features to that added wow factor in your home bar or cinema room, there really is no end to what we can achieve. Get in touch today & let us add light to your home or commercial interiors.

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