Winter Safety Tips from your Expert Edinburgh Electrician

Winter Safety Tips from your Expert Edinburgh Electrician

With the cost of energy an ever present and increasing issue, we appreciate that Edinburgh residents and people across the UK as a whole are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes.

Our customers’ safety is our expert Edinburgh electrician team’s number one priority. We are keen to ensure that our customers are educated on all the safety aspects of using these additional electrical devices within their Edinburgh homes. 

With increased electrical usage, Winter can be a riskier time in terms of electrical safety but we are here to help and ensure your property’s electrical system is operating as safely and efficiently as possible. With electric blankets, overloaded plug sockets, portable heaters & of course Christmas lights all in use, making sure you follow a few extra safety tips from our Edinburgh electrician team will help ensure everything runs smoothly and safely this festive season.

When it comes to portable heaters, there are many types currently available on the market to choose from, from electric to halogen, fan to oil filled radiator. Our Edinburgh electrician team would always advise that when you use a portable heater that it is placed on an even surface and well away from anything that could knock it over as well as being at least a metre away from curtains and furniture. 

Our Edinburgh electrician team advises that you should never leave your heater unattended or on overnight while you sleep and also advise never to power a heater using an extension lead. Extension leads can easily become overloaded and in some cases lead to electrical fires.Heat detectors and smoke alarms are your first defence should an electrical mishap strike & our qualified, friendly Edinburgh electrician team are experts in safety alarm installation of all kinds.

Our fully qualified team of expert Edinburgh electricians can not only install your fire alarm system but also assist with any ongoing maintenance to ensure all of your safety alarms are working as they should and in optimal condition.

Along with following the outlined advice regarding portable heaters and ensuring your heat and home alarms are installed by a qualified Edinburgh electrician, there are other things you can do to ensure your property’s electrical safety. Did you know that electrical testing and up to date home rewiring can aid in the prevention of fires breaking out in the first place? 

Our electrician team here at DC electrical Edinburgh are skilled in all aspects of electrical testing. From PAT testing to fire alarm, minor works & emergency certification too so couldn’t be in better (or safer!) hands.As Ednburgh’s home rewire and electrical experts, we would love to be part of your next project so for a free, no strings attached quote why not get in touch with one of our friendly expert Edinburgh electrician team today.

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