Edinburgh Electrician – Rewire Recap

Edinburgh Electrician – Rewire Recap

Your property’s electrical system is one of the key, working foundations of your home. Over time and with all the pressure modern living puts on electrical requirements, components and equipment may naturally deteriorate over time.

To ascertain how healthy your home’s electrical system is, we would recommend that they are checked on a regular basis by a qualified Edinburgh electrician such as a member of our expert electrician team here at  DC Electrical Edinburgh. Appointing an electrician to conduct an electrical health check is the best and safest way to determine if any faults need addressing or if there are any defects which may require a full home rewire or in some cases a partial home rewire.

If it is deemed appropriate for both your property and project requirements then a partial rewire may be recommended by your Edinburgh electrician. This will only be considered as an option if the existing cabling has been thoroughly checked by your Edinburgh electrician and deemed sound and capable of carrying any extra loads required. During a partial rewire it may also be possible for your Edinburgh electrician to upgrade your existing system with the addition of a modern consumer unit alongside upgrading your systems bonding and earthing but this can be advised upon once a full electrical health check has taken place.

A full home rewire completed by a qualified Edinburgh electrician is the best and most thorough way of ensuring that your residential or commercial property is up to date with all the current safety requirements and related legislation. As well as ensuring both safety and efficiency, a full home rewire is the ideal time to look to modernise your property with the addition of a new consumer unit, adding any extra standard or USB sockets and of course ensuring you have the most modern cabling available.

A full home rewire is a big undertaking and as previously mentioned an investment into your property and its overall value. Any changes on this scale to your electrical system will require notification with your local building control department. One of our friendly Edinburgh electrician team will be able to advise you if the scale of work will require compliance with Part P of building regulations. If this is the case then one of our expert electrician team can help and advise re: the appropriate notification and take care of the certification once the project has been completed. One of the great benefits of using a NICEIC registered Edinburgh electrician like ourselves is that we can self-certify the work and notify the local building control department on your behalf. If you don’t use a registered electrical contractor then the responsibility for informing building control will lie with you, the home owner and will be required to be completed before the work commences.

As Edinburgh’s premier electrician and home rewire team we are dedicated to providing the best possible service and making the upgrade of your electrical system a quick, smooth and hassle free experience. 

Why not get in contact with us today to arrange a property visit where we can advise on the best options for your project and property.

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