How to maximise solar panel investment at your Edinburgh property

How to maximise solar panel investment at your Edinburgh property

Installing solar panels at your Edinburgh home is a fantastic investment both in terms of adding equity to your property value and also lowering household running costs. Solar energy is classed a low carbon, renewable energy source with a typical home having the capability to save approximately one tonne of carbon per year if they have solar panels installed. It is estimated that you may be able to save over 85% of your electricity costs simply by having solar panels fitted to the roof of your Edinburgh home. With the rollercoasting price of energy not set to stabilise anytime soon, those sort of savings are very attractive indeed.

Solar electricity panels are designed to take the sun’s energy by capturing daylight and turn this into an electrical power source that you can then use to power your Edinburgh home. Solar panels are often referred to as PV panels which stands for photovoltaics. During daylight hours your solar panel system will be generating electricity (even on days when the weather is cloudier) however if you are using more power than you are generating then you will need to use energy from the main electrical grid. One way of using more of the energy that your solar panels create is to speak with your Edinburgh electrician about installing PV diverters to work in tandem with your solar panels. Many homeowners find that they are not using their home generated energy as efficiently as they could be for one of two reasons. Either their solar panel system either isn’t producing enough energy to meet their property’s consumption demands or they are in fact producing excess renewable energy and this is then being diverted back to the main electricity grid.  Having a PV diverter switch installed by an Edinburgh electrician can use the energy your solar panels are generating to power the immersion in your hot water tank as opposed to diverting any surplus energy back to the main grid.

Edinburgh homeowners are currently eligible for interest free loans of up £6K towards home solar panel installation and £6k towards solar batteries courtesy of Home Energy Scotland. With financial help available, your home solar panel installation just turned out to be a lot more affordable than you think.

As Edinburgh’s premier choice for renewable energy installation services, our team of expert Edinburgh electricians are ready and waiting to help move you towards a greener future. We provide a full service of  planning, technical specifications and end-to-end installations. Get in touch today, for all aspects of home rewires, electrical projects  and solar panel installation, You couldn’t choose a better team than DC Electrical – Edinburgh’s number one electrical contractor. Always here when you need us the most

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