Does your Edinburgh extension need a home rewire?

Does your Edinburgh extension need a home rewire?

With a new year upon us, now is the perfect time to look to the future and put any home renovation plans you’ve had on the back burner into action. When planning your extension or renovation project it is important to scope out the job thoroughly and factor in all costs from the outset and this includes any electrician work undertaken as part of the project by your trusted Edinburgh based electrician.

How do you know if the work you propose will require a home rewire? That is where a trusted Edinburgh electrician comes into their own, such as our team here at DC Electrical Edinburgh. Any reputable Edinburgh electrician will advise you that if your property has not been rewired in the past 25 years then the likelihood is very high that your property will require a home rewire. Wear and tear may very well have affected the current wiring and it is also unlikely that an electrical system of that age would be able to cope with the demands that modern living put on a property’s electrical infrastructure.

Your trusted Edinburgh electrician can advise, but if the changes you are making to your property are classed as a major alteration as per the applicable building regulations then it is probable that a partial or home rewire will be required and this would also include an upgrade of your fuse box. Any new renovation work you undertake (such as a garage conversion or extension) would be classed as entirely new work and would need to be fully compliant with all Scottish electrical safety laws. The remainder of the rewiring in the area you are extending may not require a rewire or an upgrade of your existing wiring system unless there is a requirement to do so because of energy efficiency requirements as outlined by your Building Regulations. 

When at the planning stages of your home renovation or extension project, it is probably the most sensible option to budget for a home rewire as part of the project costs. One our friendly Edinburgh team would of course be only too happy to help give you a fully transparent steer on the costs of the electrical cost element of your project with one of our free, no obligation quotes.

The benefit of using an Edinburgh electrician firm such as DC Electrical for your home rewire is that we are full NICEIC accredited electricians. This means all our work is fully compliant with all laws and requirements and our home rewire work also comes with a five year guarantee.

As Edinburgh’s home rewire specialists, we have over 80 years experience providing the highest quality home rewires to our customers across the Edinburgh region. All of our expert electrician team are specifically trained in every aspect of home rewires and qualified to make upgrading your electrical system a quick, efficient, hassle free experience so get in touch today and let us take it from there.

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