Your Edinburgh Electricians Guide to Home SMART Systems
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Your Edinburgh Electricians Guide to Home SMART Systems

When you are looking at getting your trusted Edinburgh electrician to make changes to your residential or commercial property’s electrical system, have you considered the addition of  SMART technology systems too? 

If the work your Edinburgh electrician is undertaking involves a partial or full home rewire, this may be the perfect time to consider upgrading your current electrical system to incorporate home SMART systems in order to help your home life run smoother and future your property for years to come. The first question you may have is, what exactly is SMART technology? SMART technology stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology and refers to tech that monitors certain elements of your home and enables them to work on automation.

Homes that have had home automation systems fitted by an Edinburgh electrician such as one of the team here at DC Electrical, give the home owners the capability to control many aspects of their home via a smartphone, tablet device or computer. You can control heating, lighting, appliances, entertainment hubs and many more things remotely and at the touch of a button!

As well as being home rewire experts & installing SMART tech that can help your life run smoother, your expert Edinburgh electrician team here at DC Electrical can also incorporate SMART technology into your home security systems too. It is possible for us to install systems that can enable you to monitor your home remotely via your phone, lock doors and arm security systems all with both speed and with ease. 

Our Edinburgh electrician team are all fully accredited and compliant with all safety laws around smoke & heat detector requirements that are applicable to Edinburgh homes (the laws have indeed only recently changed in fact). As well as being smoke & heat detector installation experts for the Edinburgh & Lothian region, did you also know that it is possible to install a smoke detector that is linked to your smart phone so you can receive alerts regarding any issues, at any time and no matter where you are? As always, technology such as this is great, as long as it is installed correctly. As with home rewires and all aspects of electrical work undertaken within your home, we would advise that a qualified and NICEIC accredited expert Edinburgh electrician undertakes any SMART tech installation work. Especially when it comes to alarms & safety equipment, having that peace of mind guarantee that all elements have been installed and checked by an qualified Edinburgh electrician is essential.

As Edinburgh’s electrical experts, your safety has and always will be our priority. The addition of SMART technology upgrades either at the same time as your home rewire project or as a standalone job will only help to create a secure and most importantly safe home environment for you & your family. To book your free, no obligation quote just get in touch today. We cover all aspects of home rewiring and electrical installations for both commercial & residential properties across Edinburgh and the Lothian region. As Edinburgh’s number one electrician firm, you couldn’t pick a better team to be part of your next project.

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