Edinburgh Electrcian’s Home Rewire Guide

Edinburgh Electrcian’s Home Rewire Guide

As Edinburgh’s electrical experts our customers are always our first priority. We know that deciding to undertake a home rewire is a big decision and our team of reliable electricians are here to guide you through every step of your rewire journey.

Our friendly & professional electricians will work to ensure that your Edinburgh home or commercial space is future proof, operating efficiently and most importantly safe.But where to start?

First it’s best to look at the reasons why you should consider a rewire? Looking after your electrical system is one of the fundamentals when looking after your home. This is why rewiring is so important especially if you are making changes to older properties (which we know Edinburgh has many of).

Each and every electrician in our team are trained to make sure your electrical system is operating at maximum efficiently. It is after all a key part of your property maintenance, especially with all those computers, smart TVs and other appliances plugged in or charging away. Making sure your system can handle the wide range of devices used is important when it comes to the safety of everyone living or working at your Edinburgh home or business premises.

There are many factors which will affect the price and timescale when looking at the cost of your rewire. Things to take into consideration are the size of your Edinburgh property (including number of bedrooms and reception rooms), the age and state of the current electrical system and the age of the property are all good starting points. Once a member of our electrician team contacts you to discuss your rewire, these are definitely among the questions they will look to ask in order to provide you with a costed solution.

Another keypoint and one which will be addressed once you receive a quote from us is what to expect and what is included when you start on the journey to rewire your Edinburgh home. The main elements of any rewire project will include the safe removal of all old wiring and fittings, installation of new wiring throughout your property, adding, moving or removing switches and sockets as required and new consumer units to name a few of the primary stages which will be covered in your expert rewire. A rewire is also a great time to add any extra SMART home appliances or technology you have been thinking about. It makes both practical and financial sense to make any SMART additions while you have an electrician on site to ensure expert and hassle free installation.

No  matter what size your property is, our friendly & professional team will work to ensure that your home has the best rewire possible. We are an NIC EIC Approved Electrical Contractors specialising in electrical rewiring and we have a long established career in rewiring houses and flats across the Edinburgh region.

Whether you have a family or are a business owner, you can rest assured that your home and office are safe with our expert, fully accredited rewiring service. That’s our DC Electrical Edinburgh promise to you.

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