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West Lothian Electrician

Here a DC Electrical we pride ourselves on being a future facing electrical company and with us all spending more time at home than ever before this year, we are finding West Lothian residents are paying particular attention to home improvements and making sure their home environment both looks its best and works as efficiently as possible.

As well as the full range of electrical services we offer from our Edinburgh HQ across the West Lothian region including rewiring and circuit board replacement, the addition of SMART technology to your West Lothian home may just be the change you never knew you needed but will certainly change your home life for the better.

Many West Lothian residents may be familiar with the term but may not know in detail what SMART technology is & how it can work for them. SMART technology actually stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology which does sound complicated but basically means technology which self monitors and works automatically

An old school thermostat is the simplest and most common use of SMART technology in the home. It keeps an eye on the temperature and adjusts accordingly. Nowadays lots of West Lothian home and business owners have upgraded to a more high tech Nest meter system that allows more control.

With such a wide range of smart home solutions available, it can be hard to
decide which is the best choice for your West Lothian home but here at DC Electrical we offer a no obligation quotation service which will advise you on the best additions for your West Lothian workspace or home. We will come to your West Lothian property and design a system that can be controlled from your phone or other connected devices, such as tablets and iPads. Our full electrical solutions service covers every aspect of your West Lothian home from energy management to music control, security to lighting and blinds.

If you are updating an existing West Lothian property or undertaking a new build project we can advise on the best SMART home technology products and installation route with many solutions available as wired and wireless options but both offering reliability and that DC Electrical peace of mind guarantee.

With extra investment into your West Lothian home comes with the thought of maybe looking at enhancing your home security options too. Having a quality, up to date alarm system in place can also affect your home or commercial property insurance, reducing costs to contents insurance. It’s worth looking into this first to see what kind of alarms and deterrents could save you money.

Modern wireless systems now mean you can install within one day as the install is non-invasive. There’s therefore no risk of damage or the hassle of having to run wires through.
Here at DC Electrical we use top-of-the-range security systems, professionally fitted and budget-appropriate. Whether for West Lothian home or office security, we understand that you want to be able to rest easy and sleep well knowing your security is in the safest of hands,
From SMART tech to home security and everything in between, DC Electrical is your first choice for friendly, professional full service electrical solutions in the West Lothian area.

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