When is the best time to rewire?

When is the best time to rewire?

Having an efficient wiring & electrical system is fundamental in ensuring your home’s safety. You may however not know if you need to rewire and may be unsure when the best time is to start a home rewire project. 
As Edinburgh’s rewire experts, we can advise and guide you through every step of your rewire journey.

The age of your home is key and the first thing we would look at in assessing your need for a potential home rewire. Guidelines advise that if a property was built over 25 years ago then we would definitely advise an electrical survey and more than likely a home rewire to ensure safety and compliance as standard. If you are lucky enough to live in one of Edinburgh’s abundance of period properties then you would almost certainly fall into a home rewire requirement (unless recent significant upgrades have been completed).

Your Edinburgh home will hold other indicators you can look for when assessing your need for a home rewire. Your sockets are a great place to start and if these feel warm or hot to touch at all we suggest you call us for immediate advice as changes will be required quickly. Another place to look will be around your fuse box. If you have an old fashioned fuse box with large, white ceramic looking fuses then it’s more than likely that you are looking at a complete property rewire. Looking at your cabling can provide more clues to the state of homes wiring. Modern electrical installations are wired in PVCu insulated cable coloured grey or white, and an up to date, modern consumer unit will have circuit breakers and residual circuit devices (RCDs).

Many Edinburgh homeowners choose to make electrical changes to their properties when they are undertaking a full renovation but what about the addition of an extension? If you are converting part of your home (for instance a garage or an attic) then this will constitute entirely new work and therefore all wiring will have to conform to the most recent electrical safety requirements. Generally all existing wiring will need to be improved in line with the new wiring you are looking to install to ensure that it can safely carry the additional load. We appreciate this can be confusing, so as part of our service as Edinburgh’s home rewiring specialists we can cover all aspects of this when we complete your job survey prior to commencing your rewire.

We do appreciate that home rewiring does tend to take place at the same time as other major work in your home. While a home rewire will definitely add value to your home, it is also a significant investment into your property as well. We now offer finance on all home rewires with a 5 year warranty as standard. If you do need help making your renovation budget stretch that little bit further then this could be the solution you have been looking for.

For all things home rewiring across Edinburgh, The Lothians & surrounding areas please get in touch today. We are only too happy to help and find out for yourself why we are Edinburgh’s No 1 home rewiring experts.

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