Edinburgh renovations & rewires –  Things to consider

Edinburgh renovations & rewires – Things to consider

If you are looking at undertaking a renovation project at your Edinburgh home, adding an extension or just reconfiguring your space and how you use it, it’s our opinion as expert Edinburgh electricians that you take into account your home electrics and the potential that your project may include the need for a home rewire.

In today’s modern world we consume so much electricity in terms of the smart tech we have in our homes. It’s work considering whether the electrical system you currently have in your Edinburgh home or rental property, can withstand the extra usage load all your additional technology uses. This is especially important as you approach any renovation project. From under cabinet kitchen lighting to bathroom TV’s, super fast wifi connection to smart lighting and heating controls, your home electrical circuits must be up to the requirements of modern living.

Planning really is the key to ensuring that any potential home rewires run as smoothly as possible and come in both on budget and on time. As Edinburgh’s number one electrician team we can work with you at the inception stage of any project.  We also have a wealth of experience working alongside builders, architects and other contractors to ensure a joined up and collaborative approach is undertaken and that your home rewire and renovation project stays on course. 

We would recommend an initial meeting with a member of our Edinburgh electrician team at the planning stage, this will help us gauge the scope of the project and help us to provide you with a detailed quote, bespoke to your project requirements.  We can also assist in an inspection of your Edinburgh property’s current electrical system and advise if we believe a partial home rewire or a full home rewire may potentially be required. 

Planning each room is ideal as this will help you ascertain what you require in terms of lighting and socket placement. Trying to add to a home rewire project  mid way through and once it has begun will only end up slowing the process down or adding to the budget. 

As Edinburgh’s premier electrician team your safety is our priority but we also would like to ensure you receive value for your project investment and we really believe preparation is fundamental to this. 

We would advise sketching out a plan of your Edinburgh home in terms of your renovation requirements, planning each room if possible to enable you to mark out locations for lighting, sockets & switches. Don’t forget about the finishing touches too, from under cabinet or recessed lighting to security alarms and smoke and heat detectors – there is a lot to consider. That’s where your friendly & reliable Edinburgh electrician team here at DC Electrical comes in! 

With over 20 years experience delivering first class electrical and home rewire projects to our customers across the Edinburgh region, our priority is your safety and our aim is to be the first choice for all Edinburgh home and property owners. For more information on our full Edinburgh home rewire and electrical project services get in touch today.

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