Your Edinburgh Home Rewire Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

Your Edinburgh Home Rewire Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

As Edinburgh’s expert electrician team, your safety is our priority and with over 20 years experience delivering expert home rewire projects across the Edinburgh region, we would definitely class ourselves as home rewire experts. Here we try to help debunk some commonly asked questions when dealing with home rewire projects. What exactly is a home rewire? – Your Edinburgh property’s wiring system is the electrical foundation of your home. This system is what your home uses to provide lighting and power your appliances and in some cases (where applicable) your SMART tech too. A home rewire is required when your electrical system requires upgrading and replacing.

How will you know that your property requires a home rewire? – We work to the industry standard that any that has not been rewired or has a home wiring system that is older than 25 years will need a home rewire inspection to ascertain if a partial or full home rewire is required to bring it up to required standard and modern day demands. Many Edinburgh home owners may not know what sort of wiring system they have but by booking a home rewire inspection, one of our friendly Edinburgh electricians can easily provide all information and advice required via our quick and efficient service.

Is a home rewire project disruptive? – As previously mentioned, as your electrical wiring system is one of the foundations of your property, any changes or upgrades to this system can be disruptive but by working with our expert Edinburgh electrician team we can help keep any mess and disruption to a minimum. Planning your project correctly from the outset really is the key to keep your home rewire running as smoothly, hassle free and on budget as possible.

What does a home rewire consist of? – Your home rewire will take place in two stages, commonly referred to as a first and second fix. The first fix will involve all the installation of both the cabling and wiring. The first fix will be the most disruptive park of your home rewire project as floorboards will need to be lifted and walls and ceilings accessed. Your Edinburgh electrician will need to chase the cabling into your plaster work to ensure that  your new switches and sockets are positioned exactly as the correct legal heights. The second fix is essentially when your Edinburgh home rewire becomes live, with all elements being connected up and the lighting, switches and sockets fitted.

Will I have to move out of my property when my home rewire is taking place? – Usually when it comes to full home rewire projects, due to the nature of the work Edinburgh homeowners do choose to vacate their property in the short term to allow our Edinburgh electricians to work their magic! It is possible for super motivated homeowners to live in one designated room while work across the rest of the property takes place. We would advise in this instance for all furniture to be dust covered and as much of the furniture across the rest of the property to be cleared for easy access. In these circumstances, we can work to install a temporary supply of sockets in your designated room while work on the rest of your Edinburgh property takes place.

Home rewires are our thing! There isn’t a property type across the Edinburgh region that we haven’t worked on but our friendly Edinburgh electrician team are of course always on hand should you have any questions or need any further advice.

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