Scottish Fire Safety Requirements for New Build Homes

Scottish Fire Safety Requirements for New Build Homes

As Edinburgh’s number one electrical and home rewire contractor we look after all aspects of fire safety for both homeowners & private property landlords alike. With the housing boom in Edinburgh set to continue, the rise in new builds across the Edinburgh & Lothian region is reaching new levels. It’s important that our customers know what to expect from their new build properties in terms of fire safety requirements. 

Properties that have been constructed since 2010 should already meet the current Scottish safety standards & requirements. If you are set to purchase a new build property or indeed already own one, there are steps you can undertake to ensure that your Edinburgh property meets the required standards. Most new build property in Edinburgh and indeed across Scotland come with a ten year warranty. The best way to ascertain the status of your property’s warranty is to check your title deeds. Here you should see how long your Edinburgh property is covered for.

All new homes are legally required to come with a EIC (an Electrical Installation Certificate). As electrical experts, we advise that you have an electrical safety inspection carried out at least every 10 years to ensure your property’s electrical system is operating correctly and most importantly safely. This is a service one of our friendly Edinburgh electrician team are more than qualified to carry out for you.

If you purchase your property off plan or directly from the developer, the first couple of years of the duration of your warranty is covered by your developer or builder. This means if something goes wrong or needs the attention of an Edinburgh electrician, then the responsibility lies with them. When any new build is completed and upon purchase you should be given information on how to report any electrical repairs that you require looking at. They will more than likely pass this job over to an Edinburgh electrician but it is their responsibility to do so.

If you do have any worries regarding your property’s fire safety, we advise as a first step that you contact your developer or builder. Your next step is for them to contact their local Edinburgh electrician to arrange a fire safety survey, this will identify any potential areas of concern and enable any issues to be dealt with as soon as possible. If for any reason you cannot request this from your original builder or developer, your next port of call will be the warrant provider who will be able to advise you further.

No matter whether you are a landlord, business owner, property developer or homeowner, you can always rely on our Edinburgh electrician team here at DC Electrical Edinburgh to help identify any electrical issues and carry out all necessary repair work should you require it. 

Your safety is our priority and with all our electrical work being fully certified and accredited to the highest industry standard,  you can be rest assured you are in the safest hands – that’s our DC Electrical Edinburgh, peace of mind guarantee.

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