Solar Panel Installation – Tips & Things to Consider from your Edinburgh Electrician

Solar Panel Installation – Tips & Things to Consider from your Edinburgh Electrician

As the world becomes more switched on to solar power and it firmly takes its place as one of the world’s fastest growing renewable energy sources, you may be wondering should you make the switch and look to get solar energy installed at your Edinburgh property?i

The first thing you need to consider is are solar panels the right choice for your Edinburgh property. The space your property has available is a major element in the decision process when ascertaining if solar panel installation is right for you. The size of an average home solar panel system is usually around 3.5kWp which equates in size to around 20m2 of your roof area. The optimum position for solar panel installation is having a system installed on a south facing, unshaded roof. This will give you the best electrical output. North facing roofs are not recommended but if the roof of your Edinburgh property faces East or West then there is a possibility that it would be suitable. It is worth noting that a solar panel system installed on a roof facing either East or West will give an energy output 15% – 20% less than a system installed on a south facing roof. The shading of your roof will also affect your solar panel system’s performance. Shading can come in the form of chimneys, trees or even buildings situated close by. Obviously shading in many cases cannot be avoided but you can have your solar panels installed in a south facing, unshaded position then your system will perform to the best of its capabilities. Some solar panel systems have the option to use optimisers to bolster output but these won’t be required if your positioning is correct from the outset.

Once your positioning is correct you may also need to consider if installing solar panels at your Edinburgh property would require planning permission. As with all elements of your solar panel installation, one of our expert Edinburgh electricians will be only too happy to help advise but generally speaking solar panels don’t routinely require planning permission as they are considered permitted developments. There are exceptions to these rules especially if you live in a conservation area or your property is listed. Double checking with your local planning office is always the best course of action just to be on the safe side and ensure that your installation is fully compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Once your trusted Edinburgh electrician has installed your solar panel system then it must be registered with you DNO (Distribution Network Operator). Your chosen DNO will be the organisation responsible for bringing electricity into your home so it is vital that this is done. . As with all elements of your solar panel installation project, a member of our expert Edinburgh electrician team will be only too happy to help with your registration with a Distribution Network Operator. 

We appreciate that solar panel installation at your Edinburgh property is an investment but one which will future proof your home for years to come. Think solar panel installation across the Edinburgh region, think DC Electrical!  Take the first step on your solar panel journey and get in touch with us  today for a free obligation quote. As Edinburgh’s number one electrician team, you couldn’t be in better hands.

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