What you need to know from Edinburgh’s Solar Panel Installation Specialists

What you need to know from Edinburgh’s Solar Panel Installation Specialists

As we all await the Spring budget announcement, the cost of energy is once again predicted to make headline news as it shows no signs of dropping significantly anytime soon. Adding solar panels to your Edinburgh home is a great way to reduce what you spend on energy, add value to your property and future proof it for years to come..

Photovoltaics PV or solar panels as they are commonly referred to, use the sun’s energy and then cleverly convert this into an energy source that can be used to power your Edinburgh home. The solar panels are carefully constructed using a layered cell system which is made from silicon & other materials which contain conduction properties. When your property’s solar panel is exposed to sunlight then an electrical flow begins to happen. It is a common misconception that full and constant sunlight is needed to sufficiently power a residential solar panel system. It is true that the more sun exposure that your panels can get in turn leads to more energy being generated but they do work in cloudy weather too. 

All of the solar panel products we use here at DC Electrical Edinburgh are chosen for both their reliability and durability. The panels we use can generate up to 355w of power with exposure to strong light, this is called DC electricity. For power to be used in the home it needs to be in the form of AC electricity so we thenlook to install an inverter. The inverter will then convert the electrical current into power which can then be exported to the main electrical grid or used as power source for your Edinburgh home.

We appreciate how confusing it can be navigating the best solar panel options for your home but our expert Edinburgh electricians are here to guide you every step of the way. There are of course exemptions, but it is more common than not for residential grade solar panel systems to fall under permitted development regulations and therefore will not need any planning permission. Properties which are either listed or in a conservation area tend to not be exempt from planning permission requirements but checking with your local planning department is the easiest way to clarify your position.

All Edinburgh homeowners with solar panels installed are required to register them with a Distribution Network Operator (DNO). The operator you register with will have the task of transferring any energy you generate into your home for use as a power source. Our full service solar panel installation option covers device registration so one of our expert electrician team can handle all of this for you if you require.

Read to start your solar panel installation project? Why not drop us a message or get in touch today for a no obligation quote and let us take it from there! Think DC Electrical  Edinburgh for all things solar panels & let us guide you every step of the way.

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