Your Edinburgh Electricians Guide to Smoke & Heat Alarms

Your Edinburgh Electricians Guide to Smoke & Heat Alarms

 Edinburgh’s smoke alarm installation specialists you can relax knowing that your property is both secure and safe. Heat & smoke alarms provide a vital warning detection system that may prove to be invaluable if the worst should happen. How do you know which options are right for you and your Edinburgh home? 

Smoke alarms just as their name suggests, detect smoke. It is advised that you should fit them in every room in your Edinburgh property where a fire may start. Recent new Scottish legislation which came into force in February 2002 states that every home in Edinburgh and indeed across Scotland as a whole is required to have interlinked smoke alarms. Essentially this means if one alarm fitted in your property by an expert Edinburgh electrician goes off, all the alarms in your property will activate. The new law also states that it is the owner of the property’s responsibility to ensure that all alarms meet the new legal standard.

Heat alarms are used for heat detection and as soon as a room hits a certain temperature they will raise an alarm. They are much more suited to kitchen and bathroom areas. 

Along with the requirement of every fire alarm to be  interlinked comes with the addition that they must also be ceiling mounted too. These requirements make it a sensible choice to use a fully qualified & certified Edinburgh electrician to fit and connect up your home smoke and heat alarm system. The new laws also state the quantity and location of the heat and smoke alarms within your Edinburgh property. There must be at least one smoke alarm positioned in every landing and hallway in your home. A heat alarm is required in your kitchen and one smoke alarm located either in your lounge or the room you use the most.

Another requirement for Edinburgh homes (and Scotland as a whole) relates to carbon fuelled appliances, examples of these are boilers, fires and heaters. Having any of these within your property means you must also have a carbon monoxide detector in the room that the appliance is located. It is not a requirement however, for the alarms to be interlinked.

Once you have selected the correct fire alarm system that is right for your Edinburgh home then one of our fully qualified Edinburgh electrician teams will be more than happy to help with the installation process. As Edinburgh’s number one electrician team we can also help with the ongoing maintenance and work to ensure that your alarms are working as they should and in optimal condition.

As part of our full range of electrical services, we also offer electrical testing and home rewire services which can also help minimise the initial risk of fire breaking out in your Edinburgh home.

To learn more about how we can help just get in touch with one of our  friendly, expert Edinburgh electricians today for a free, no obligation quote and we will be only too happy to help.

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